Check Out the New and Improved Editor!

At GetResponse, we love developing new tools and making existing features better/faster/easier for you! Well, we think you’re really going to like this “upgrade” to a very important messaging tool. So login to your GetResponse account and take the newly optimized Editor for a test drive.  It’s been streamlined and improved so creating messages in GetResponse will be much more efficient and enjoyable.

It features: brand new user-friendly icons to help both new and experienced users navigate quickly and efficiently, saving some time and stress. They are self-explanatory and communicate clearly what each icon represents and what it can do for your message. But these cool icons aren’t the only things we’ve changed in the GetResponse Editor. We’ve significantly improved the speed and removed all the little “speed bumps” that you told us slowed you down in the last version.

Our mission is to help you create better campaigns every time, and we sincerely hope this helps.

  • Gobala Krishnan

    Wow, the new editor looks great. Can’t wait to use it.

  • Carl Weaver

    Just keep posting good stuff.