New: Spice-Up Your Subject Line With Unicode!

How important is your subject line for email success? It’s one of the key elements that can boost (or doom) your results. And every marketer knows how difficult it can be to stand out in the crowd. So now we’re giving you a new, super-simple tool to help you become outstanding, memorable and tempting: Unicode Symbols for your subject lines.

Getting noticed in a crowded inbox can be hard.
You can try the “desperate” voice…


Unicodes 1


…use ALL CAPS:


Unicodes 2



… or “all low”:


Unicodes 3


Or you can try styling it up a little bit with a Unicode that can now be added to your subject line in GetResponse Email Creator.
Simply click the Unicode icon next to the Subject Line input field in your message Settings (the first step of creating a message) and select from an assortment of 70+ icons. Add it in the desired position with one click, and it’s done.


 GetResponse Unicode Icons


Here’s where the fun part begins. Experiment with replacing words with symbols, to make your subject unique and eye-catching; in other words — add style to your subject line (follow the link for more ideas on memorable subject lines).


GetResponse Unicode Symbols

GetResponse Unicode Icons





GetResponse Unicodes


Just remember: test, test, test before you send, to avoid being indiscernible, unclear or simply annoying.


Unicode icons in subject lines are growing in popularity but they’re still something fresh and distinguishing. They can be amusing, surprising, easy to remember and connect with your brand. If you’ve seen any recently – share them in the comments!

  • Prarinya Kamta

    This function have any problem with spam score ??

  • HS

    Can these be added to the PreHeader?

  • Zack Lim

    That is very interesting. Looking forward to test and see whether the open rate will improve :)