Update from our FIRST GetResponse Live Webinar!

Two weeks ago we had our first GetResponse live webinar! Our presenting team, and the whole GetResponse team, was quite excited and interested to see how it would go.

More than 300 people registered for the seminar so we’re off to a great start! What really excited us was that we achieved measured 72% Average Attentiveness among attendees! That’s outstanding! So we can be confident that almost every attendee watched our Live Webinar with interest. Thanks for staying engaged!

Going forward, after every webinar we’re sending out emails with a “thank you for attending” and link to a very short survey which will help us make the webinars even more useful for you. As for our first survey results, 85% of attendees said they are very satisfied with the webinar!

Many of you wanted to know when you can access the webinar recording. It will be available on our webinar web site after the next session on April 28th at 12 PM EDT.  If you couldn’t attend last time, you’ll have a chance to benefit from the discussion at your convenience!

To subscribe to the next GetResponse FREE live webinar, click here.

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